Hello Kitty Slender Shaper

March 14, 2008


The Hello Kitty Slender Shaper promises to burn fat off your midriff with the push of a button.

I have three “geriatric cats”. My not so little chub, pictured below, has had some work done. Look closely and you can see she had her ears done as they were pre-cancerous. She looks a little like a puma, although as she knows you can only tell from certain angles, and not as much from her best side.

Recently she had everything from a blood work up to an MRI and spinal tap to try to find the cause of her ‘minor seizures’. They couldn’t find anything and were stunned by how healthy she was. They called her brain “beautiful” with symmetrical smooth lobes, and looked at it admiringly on the CD they showed me for my $2000 I had parted with to find out what ailed Chubb.

But Chubb does have a serious fat pad. Having asked whether it was prolapse the vet assured me it was a fat pad. It literally drags along the ground. Chubb is otherwise a healthy 7kg cat, healthy in every way particularly for a 15 year old feline, and since being on a mild dose of phenobarbitone to prevent her having seizures has become a bit sedentary in the barbituate zone.

The Hello Kitty Slender Shaper would be perfect for a cat like Chubb.

Move over Hello Kitty, here comes Chubb, right behind you.

She is a merchandiser’s dream.

Would you pimp your cat??


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