The pink feline overlord keeps clawing her way to the top, and has embraced the eco-friendly cultured. Introducing the Hello Kitty Solar Power Charger

Who would have thought that Hello Kitty was eco-friendly? You can power up any hand held device or gadget with this cute pop style pocket sized accessory. If the sun stops shining you can plug it into DC outlet for 6 hours of power to use from soaking up the sun. Hello Kitty is embracing the green lifestyle in a quest to conquer the planet or capture the sun. Next on the agenda will be the moon.

Once you have the Hello Kitty solar powered charger, go invest in one of these Hello Kitty power tools called the Hello Kitty Power Sander

Hello Kitty is getting into the construction industry.

A picture is worth a thousand words…and few would disagree that you can increase the chances of making a sale by posting a photo to your ebay listing.

Auctiva, MyEasyPics, BiggerBids and other picture services have flourished in offering services to ebay  sellers.

Now Vzaar is promising to take ebay photo services to new levels by offering online video ads of their items to prospective purchasers   youtube style.

The London based start up claims that  5,000 ebay sellers have jumped on board to use their online video services to their ebay auction listings. 

Ebayer buyers will now be able to see items from different angles through the use of online videos which also enables sound so you can hear whether a car engine purrs or rumbles.


What more could you want than to make free calls to other users?  Making them in hi-fidelity pink guaranteed to make an impact on your psyche.  Enter the pink skype 
Of course you can get a pink headset as an accessory, more pink head gear if you have enough room in your headspace for it.

Pink VOIP protocols …the answer to all your prayers. 

If you don’t fall prey to the pink skype phone, maybe your soul will respond more readily to unlimited access to eternity. If so, you might consider engaging in a  POIP (pray over the internet protocol) courtesy of an Israeli startup. 

 Create and broadcast your prayers to the holy land whether in pink or black, in any format.