The Pink high heeled shoe phone is no girly gadget designer gimmick.  The only thing that could possibly detract from it’s functionality in helping you stay under the radar is that there  is no actual compartment for your foot.  Until then you just hide around the corner when you want to avoid any unwanted attention.

No indication it can be fitted into the pink cadillac and I’m guessing no USB to your laptop.



This is a serious buy for the high end fashionistas in the security business.

And if you are at risk of corporate espionage the last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself.

Discretion is a must…

Available from gadget4all

Medical compression socks  could become a new fashion rage. 

The Coalition to Prevent DVT is hoping that these socks will raise awareness of DVT in the same way that Pink did for breast cancer.

They don’t look a lot different than leg warmers, well not a lot anyway.

This is where fashion, medicine and marketing can converge to create a winner. Soon you will be throwing out your scrapbooking kits and buying a sock kit to create the funkiest socks on the block.

The formula is simple, a colour, a disease, and an item offering a  solution.

The pink feline overlord keeps clawing her way to the top, and has embraced the eco-friendly cultured. Introducing the Hello Kitty Solar Power Charger

Who would have thought that Hello Kitty was eco-friendly? You can power up any hand held device or gadget with this cute pop style pocket sized accessory. If the sun stops shining you can plug it into DC outlet for 6 hours of power to use from soaking up the sun. Hello Kitty is embracing the green lifestyle in a quest to conquer the planet or capture the sun. Next on the agenda will be the moon.

Once you have the Hello Kitty solar powered charger, go invest in one of these Hello Kitty power tools called the Hello Kitty Power Sander

Hello Kitty is getting into the construction industry.