Bling pink peripherals

December 1, 2007

The La Chase Longue  falls into the category of ‘I’ve always wanted a rhinestone studded mouse, calculator, with matching tape dispenser, and stapler’ ……. a subtle dumbed down pink….la-chaise-longue.jpeg

Panoptic pink mobile phone

November 26, 2007

“Panoptic Pink” ….A new shade of pink?  No.

For the purveyor of all things pink, the object is to be ‘seen’ with their pink mobile phone. 

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to possess a pepto bismol pink phone to be seen!!

The bad news is that you risk being seen by the wrong people in unimaginable ways as reported by the Washington Post !!!

This unfortunate situation is probably more legal than the shade of pink you carry around in your pocket.

But you probably be a bit troubled by the prospect of your cherished Motorola V3 Razor being turned into a tracking device.    

Federal officials are routinely asking Courts to order companies to furnish real-time tracking data so they can pinpoint the whereabouts of certain persons of interest.

A disturbing trend is emerging of requests being granted without the need to establish probable cause of the commission of a crime or information relating to a crime.

Despite precise location data being obtained on a subject, these types of requests have been sealed by the Government so you will never know whether big brother has been tracking your pink print within private areas.

 You may have one of those nifty services where you can locate your friend or family by pressing a button and even sending them an alert,  or where your parent can erect a virtual fence around you by having an SMS sent to them if you venture outside  a certain area.

 How does this technology work? E911 tracking systems read signals sent to satellites from a phone’s GPS chip or triangulated radio signals sent from phones to cell towers. Law enforcement officers can ‘ping’ wireless devices so as to locate them when a call isn’t being made. In doing so, they can determine the precise location of your mobile and then seek the location of all persons who communicate with you.

Law enforcement officials are also obtaining orders for cell tower site data, which is far less precise than data derived from E911 signals which is far less accurate, and can yield ranges from a few miles up to 300 miles.  A far lower standard of proof is required for these requests,  and data obtained is being used and retained by
wireless carriers in the normal course of their business. 

Apparently wireless carriers are also coughing up your data in knee jerk fashion without even requiring law enforcement officials to obtain a warrant.

  You are paying for your data to be shared with third parties outside your pink circle. These companies can in turn sell your information without violating your privacy.

You may want to bear that it mind when you decide whether to buy a car with a GPS or associate with those who have one.  But surveillance is difficult to avoid with the interaction of a proliferation of new technologies which  read your licence plate, cities saturated with CCTV cameras and facial recogntion software.

Pink Monopoly

November 16, 2007


White collar high powered executives can now acquire the Pink Monopoly Boutique edition

A few differences. It comes in a jewellery box, and its a girl’s paradise, where boutiques and malls are up for grabs, and lots of other ‘fun’ things can be done, like pay cell phone bills, go on shopping sprees and of course receive and text messages.  Instead of buying up properties and land, there are glitzy boutiques with pink title deeds.