Do you remember what your childhood fantasy was? For Paris Hilton it was to own a pink barbie like corvette.

Paris Hilton found the inspiration for the shade of pink for her Pink Bentley after seeing a clock at a Disney Store. So she took it into a technician and asked for the car to be painted the same colour.

The Paris Pepto-mobile is fitted with special glass to render it paparazzi proof, and achieve the desired purpose of deflecting attention from Paris.

Paris admits that this car isn’t the sort of car she will be driving everyday. To many Bentley lovers Paris’ act of painting her beloved new possession pink is tantamount to the highest form of blasphemy.

As reported by Autotrader,  in it’s former life,  the Continental GT was a grey Bentley before West Coast Customs was commissioned by Hilton to spraypaint the car.

As Paris states, this car isn’t for everyday use, so I don’t imagine we will see her in it going down to the Laundry Mat in it, unless of course she is shunning attention behind those special windshields.