Hello Kitty 4GB USB Flash Drive

Hello Kitty 4GB USB Flash Drive

Don’t be puzzled into thinking this cute little Hello Kitty product is a keyring for your Princess Hello Kitty car.

Have a closer look at this piece of Hello Kitty ingenuity. The flash drive  is connected to the key chain. Hello Kitty thinks ahead by safeguarding your treasure against a loss.

Of course that wouldn’t be a good reason to prevent you buying a few!  

Why else would this iconic Hello Kitty 4GB Designer USB Flash drive have sold more than 200,000 in Japan if it wasn’t hot? 

 Sanrio and Mimoco deliver this gorgeous pink Hello kitty 4GB USB flash drive

We know it is cute and hot but lets check out it’s other features as we know that Hello Kitty is never short on functionality. It will work superbly and you will be sure to attract the odd compliment or two.

First and foremost this Hello Kitty USB F”lash Drive is pink which makes it more functional per se! 

It is also usable  in win98/ME/2000/XPMac OS 9.X/Linux2.4.

 Hello Kitty is about high performance and innovation, evident in the material, a rubbery silicone composition, to render it  water proof and prevent shock absorption. 

This cute little Apple flash drive has a preloaded digital memory, hi-speed USB 2.0, measures 2.5″ tall by 1″ wide and best of all is both PC and Mac compatible

With it’s low power consumption, and non-volatile storage this is a gem of Hello Kitty prowess and perfection.

Use it over and over (which won’t be difficult) without loss of quality


January 13, 2008


Relatives of loved ones who painfully recount the experiences of seeing those sudden changes in hello kitty converts frequently fail to find any rational explanation for the bizarre changes befalling them in their zeal for all things hello kitty. 

The possibility of hello kitty possession may not have crossed their minds but these hello kitty contact lenses could evoke an increased demand for ‘kitty repossessions’ or kitty exorcism amongst concerned relatives who have exhausted all other options to drive this feckless feline from their troubled loved ones’ lives. 

Considering also that Hello Kitty is now in the arms race with the launch of the hello kitty AR-15 assault rifle, it is conceivable that image of a hello kitty devotee running amok with an Ar15 with these eyes is enough to convince the most skeptical amongst us that hello kitty is planning to conquer the world. We are moving beyond USBs, hello kitty waffle makers, and laptops, the rather innocuous gadgets to weapons.

If you see the distinct hello kitty image appear in their eyes, you may have to call upon a hello kitty exorcist.

I’d wager that hello kitty repossessions will be on the rise particularly if the said contact lenses slip on the eyeball and hello kitty’s mouth appears at the top of the eyeball in one eye whilst appearing at the bottom of the other. 

The asymmetry alone is enough to whip up hysteria in believers of demonic possession when they see hello kitty mobilise. A moving target armed with an AR-15 recruiting soldiers at an alarming rate!! 

 There is nothing worse than a morphing hello kitty.

Aesthetically, it wouldn’t be too pleasing either.

I wonder how long it will take before these come out in pink.


Mohd from Malaysia sporting his lurid pink sunglasses attracts women not by walking his dog or kitty in the park but by luring them into his hello kitty mobile.